Reach & Outcome Data

To measure ThriveNYC’s work, the City is using an approach similar to that used in evaluating other large-scale public health strategies, such as efforts to reduce obesity or smoking-related fatalities.

In the first few years of Thrive, the City closely monitored implementation, tracking metrics on the number of people reached by Thrive’s programs and the overall progress of implementation. In June of 2019, ThriveNYC published nearly 100 outcome measures – a second phase of measurement, which looks more closely at whether new programs are making an impact in the lives of those served. These outcome measures were developed with experts at the City University of New York’s Institute for State and Local Governance and in partnership with the City agencies that implement Thrive programs. Depending on how the data is collected for each measure (e.g., annual survey, regular client screening, or observation), the data will be updated regularly either quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

ThriveNYC’s approach to measurement also leverages the expertise of external researchers to conduct formal programmatic evaluations and to develop long-term, population-level measures appropriate to associate with Thrive’s work.

Data and information on ThriveNYC’s programs are updated on a regular basis. Check back often to learn more.